Bio: Ockert Botha - Personal Mentor

My career has always involved working with people. At the beginning of this life journey I was forced to work with very difficult and militant individuals within the labour field. Very early I have noticed that I had a very calming effect on people and that even in the most difficult of situations people would heed my advice.

As my career progressed I would use this natural talent to coach and mentor the young consultants that reported to me with great satisfaction! At that point I realized that this made my heart “sing”!!

For me, coaching and mentoring mean conversations intended to help others to pinpoint what change they want to bring about in their work and lives, to be realistic and courageous about their present conditions in relation to their creative ambition, and to be proactive and innovative in moving towards it.

Not loving and doubting yourself is the greatest enemy you will ever have!

Most of my life I have always looked for satisfaction elsewhere, always feeling as if I was not a whole person, always feeling that I do not belong in this world! Later in my life when I “found myself” I was able to love myself and now serve and assist others with this life dilemma that so many of us face every day!

I want you to be courageous to take the next step - contact me for a free no obligation chat to discuss how I can assist you to feel whole so that you will be able positively face everyday life!
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