We offer a full suite of HR related services

The HR department fulfils a crucial role, yet few companies find it feasible to establish a fully-fledged HR department. FINDING SHAPES HR CONSULTING SERVICES was designed with this in mind and aims to provide a full suite of HR services to companies on an outsourcing basis. In addition to flexible HR outsourcing services, the HR Business Unit offers HR services including HR Business Process Re-engineering, and compiling HR Metrics and Statistics.

Human Resources Services Outsourcing - Full & Part Time

FINDING SHAPES HR CONSULTING SERVICES understands that it is not always feasible for companies to hire an HR practitioner. This is why we offer HR services on flexible outsourcing terms. FINDING SHAPES HR CONSULTING SERVICES offers HR services through a consultant, temporary HR contractors or part-time HR assistants, depending on the needs of the company.

Companies are able to benefit from service level agreements where FINDING SHAPES HR CONSULTING SERVICES offers HR services on an hourly, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. By leveraging the services of HR experts through our industry expert associates, companies are able to improve documentation, clarify and enforce expectations and policies and also improve employee job satisfaction and performance.

Services (on retainer or ad hoc HR projects) offered by FINDING SHAPES HR CONSULTING SERVICES and their associate include but is not limited to:

❖ On-going HR Support
     o  If you do not have your own HR staff our team will be on hand to answer your queries and calls. You will be
         given a dedicated HR consultant to support you giving you practical advice and help when you need it.

❖ Performance Management Systems
     o  Should you want to improve the way that you manage performance within your organisation then we can
         assist. Let our experts help you.

❖ Recruitment & Selection
     o  It is important to recruit and select your staff in the right way. We can do all or any part of this process for
         you. We can design job descriptions, write the adverts and briefs, interview, etc.

❖ Policies & Procedures
     o  Well written policies and procedures will ensure that you manage your people effectively and at the same
          time promote fairness and consistency throughout your company.

❖ Disciplinary and grievance handling
     o  Let us assist you with disciplinary investigations, chairing hearings and CCMA case assistance.
         We can also assist with mediating employee disputes or conflict. We can work with you to ensure that any
         conflict is worked through to an amicable conclusion.

❖ Job Profiling & Evaluation
     o  We can assist you with job analysis to identify the skills and competencies required for specific job roles.
         This can form part of creating job descriptions and also a way to properly evaluate jobs.

❖ Remuneration and Benefits
     o  Let us assist with benchmarking your salaries and benefits that you currently offer your staff.

❖ Employment Contracts
     o  We can assist you to create employment contracts that cover you and at the same time ensure that your
         staff understands their rights and responsibilities.

❖ Training courses / workshops on the above HR disciplines
     o  Allow us to assist you with training your staff on aspects like Job Description writing, how to chair
         disciplinary hearings and other HR related topics. We will design and deliver bespoke training
         programmes that will develop your staff.

❖ Outsourced payroll
     o  Even the most experienced professionals find that payroll can be a headache. Allow our payroll associates
         to assist your small to medium size organisation to run a compliant payroll.

❖ Executive Coaching
     o  Qualified executive coaches can help your senior management to take their skills to the next level. Our
         executive coaching solutions are tailored to each individual and their requirements.

❖ HR Audits
     o  Human Resources Audits are a comprehensive method (or means) to review current human resources
         policies, procedures, documentation and systems.  Let us assist to identify needs for improvement and
         enhancement of the HR function as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.

❖ Legislative reports
     o  Allow us to assist you with your annual Employment Equity Report, Work Place Skills Plan and Annual
         Training Report.
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